Recruitment Support

“Kim was engaged to support the recruitment for our receptionist role. She was extremely effective, great to work with and frankly saved me a lot of time and energy. She efficiently placed the recruitment ad, reviewed 150+ resumes and phone screened several candidates providing us with a short-list of qualified individuals to interview. In addition to saving us time, Kim also provided education on the recruitment process and best practices.”

Jamie Kidd

General Counsel and Office Manager, Sorrell Financial

HR Presentation

“Dena presented on HR issues, trends and best practices at our Mosaic Spring Portfolio Partner Conference, In advance of the conference, Dena investigated the HR needs of our portfolio company leaders and effectively addressed many questions/concerns related thereto. She was also very good at providing additional follow-up information to address specific concerns/issues raised by the portfolio company leaders. I expect the work done will result in stronger communication and improved staff engagement within our portfolio companies. The overall experience was great and we hope to work again with Dena soon.”

Troy Pearce

Chief Operating Officer, Mosaic Capital Corporation

Employee Engagement

“James is an expert in employee engagement and discretionary effort. James exemplifies the techniques he coaches on his engagements by using the skills in every interaction he has with employees and peers. James has a strong leadership skillset that is coupled with a great willingness to listen and modify his approach to include the team around him. James would be an asset to any organization looking to improve morale, employee productivity and engagement and overall profitability.”

Tayt Purdy

General Manager, Siderman Ltd.

Employee Handbook

“The team had the pleasure of working with Dena to revise our Employee Handbook to reflect recent changes in employment legislation and how it related to our business. We found Dena to be very knowledgeable when it came to employment standards and industry practice. As well, she responded quickly to our inquiries and worked closely with the team to create employment policies that were unique and tailored to our organization’s needs. We expect the updated Handbook will support more effective leadership, improved staff communication and greater employee engagement.”

Jose Rajotte

Greenbelt Farms Management, Greenbelt Farms

Feasibility Study

“Cheryl Lockhart and the Omni Management Consulting team provided us with the knowledge, expertise, and support we needed to achieve success with a project at the Edmonton Humane Society. I was so pleased with their positive approach, responsiveness, and the quality of their work, delivered on-time and in multiple formats (research, report, and presentation). Should the need arise, we would undoubtedly engage Cheryl and the Omni Management Consulting group again for strategic research and planning purposes.”

Miranda Jordan-Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Edmonton Humane Society

Operational Excellence

“I had recently moved into a leadership role when James came to work with our group. I really enjoyed the immediate time and effort that he was willing to invest in me with regard on how to drive performance excellence with my crew. He did not try to change who I was, but instead he helped me realize the kind of leader I truly wanted to be. He gave me many tools to use in Operational Excellence to drive the performance with my crew. He helped me show my co-workers the effectiveness of these tools. James was able to help me evolve my leadership and in turn strengthen our team. These tools have made an ever-lasting improvement for our group. Operational Excellence has helped us strive to achieve many improvements and goals. Operational Excellence continues to help us find more opportunities for further improvements as well. What I found most exciting was not only our improvement in performance but also the amazing engagement I got with my Team. They were not only performing they were having fun!”

Chris Wilder

Supervisor, Sanjel Canada

Business Excellence Project

“Aseniwuche Winewak Nation (AWN) engaged Omni Management Consulting Alliance for two significant projects between 2014 and 2017. AWN needed expert advice and professional support to restructure its administration, streamline operations and increase leadership capacity to meet the changing needs of its companies and mitigate the impact of the economic downturn in the Alberta economy. During the entirety of the project work, Omni displayed the highest level of integrity and professionalism to ensure timely progress towards our goals while being adaptive to our changing needs. Despite a large turnover in senior management, significant budget cuts and considerable changes in economic conditions, Omni was able to successfully navigate our leadership team to achieve the project objectives and effect positive change within our group of companies. Omni Management Consulting Alliance was not only professional but personable. Their personal investment in learning about our company, values, and people not only added value, efficiency and practical wisdom to the project, it has created a long term relationship between our businesses that continues to lead towards long term success. AWN would highly recommend Omni Management Consulting Alliance as a premier business consulting group.”

Rachelle McDonald

Senior Advisor on Strategic Development, Aseniwuche Winewak Nation of Canada

Strategic Planning Facilitation

“Developing a strategic plan for a not-for-profit, social purpose organization can be a complex exercise, due to the many stakeholders involved. Cheryl and Rodger had a strong understanding of good governance and their role in interacting with and working with our Board of Directors was appreciated. I feel that the organization will also benefit, in the long run, from some of the more detailed information that they provided during and after the planning process. The detailed analysis and face-to-face meeting to review the survey results (from surveys they developed, delivered and analyzed) was rich with information that will assist with future planning. I also appreciated the constant follow up of ideas, connections and feedback on aspects of the organization not directly related to the development of our strategic plan but related to other information uncovered by them during the process of assisting us.”

Kathy Kimpton

President & CEO, Women Building Futures

Transition Plan

“Dick and Dena of OMNI Management Consulting Alliance really took the time and effort to understand our business as if it were their own. Their efficient planning, information provided and organization resulted in completing our strategic planning goal in a timely manner as well as made it easy to execute. They always were and continue to offer professional support and guidance long after the completed project. I would strongly recommend The OMNI group to anyone and am honoured to have worked with such an amazing team of professionals.”

Sandra Baker

Regional Operations Manager, True Balance Institute

Employee Manual, Job Descriptions and Compensation Structure

“The CPA Western School of Business engaged the services of the Omni Management Consulting Alliance to develop an Employee Manual, new position descriptions for 80 staff and develop a salary grid for equal positions. Ms. Dena Gillies was assigned to work with the School. The project was a complicated one in that the School had recently experienced major changes including a three-fold increase in the student population, two new education Programs, the conclusion of the anchor education Program and a decentralized environment from one main office to four offices in western Canada.

Ms. Gillies is an experienced professional who clarified the project objectives and established target dates for major milestones. Consultation with all employees is paramount to the project’s success and Ms. Gillies undertook this consultation and engagement without any hesitation. Normally, an organization would plan on some obstacles for such a project; however very few issues arose. The staff embraced the initiative and sent unsolicited e-mails to the senior leadership about the positive experience.”

Steve Vieweg

Chief Executive Officer, CPA Western School of Business

Strategic Plan, Partnership Charter & Business Advisory Services

“Cheryl Lockhart reached out to us in early 2013 when we were a fledgling company. We required assistance to grow as an organization and were unclear how to embark on the complex task of creating a medical device. Cheryl began by creating a strong, comprehensive strategic plan for us to follow, along with a partnership agreement to guide our decision making. She introduced us to companies, consultants, and funding streams that we would not have known to access ourselves. The growth of our company and the progress that we have made toward creating our own device has been largely due to Cheryl’s expertise and assistance. We continue to retain Cheryl as a Business Advisor and look forward to our continued work together.”

Elissa Weinzimmer

Managing Director, Vibrant Voice Technique

Business Coaching

“Omni’s business coaching program has helped our business plan for the future. We are more focussed on moving forward with our business than ever. They have really helped us keep on track with obtaining our business goals. I would highly recommend Omni (Cheryl) to any Arctic Spa dealer that wants to take their business to the next level.”

Robin Knight

Arctic Spas Halifax

Performance Leadership

“Our entire team, including staff and leadership, went through PLI’s Certificate in Performance Leadership as part of a decision to move to a continuous improvement culture. The material was relevant and tied into our work from start to finish. James didn’t try to fit us into a box but instead taught us the tools which allowed us to make our own model and unique approach to continuous improvement. I can truthfully say we have benefited from this program and have learned that continuous improvement is a journey and not a destination. I would recommend this course to any group or team looking to start on their own continuous improvement journey.”

Vicki Zynik

Manager, Parkland REA

Transition Plan

“From start to finish our transition plan was well done. To replace a COO and minority owner who ran the company for 16 years was daunting. To finish with no voluntary staff loss and better morale is a big win. I feel we are well positioned for the next phase of growth and would not be in this place without Omni. Excellent business support available behind the transition plan allowed us to handle the inevitable unpleasant surprises. Overall 5 of 5 stars… well done.”

Ron Brown

Medical Director/CEO, True Balance Institute

Performance Leadership

“Leadership Development was a need for our Organization. James brought us the Performance Leadership Certification course. The course was informative, well structured, well paced and tailored to meet our needs. The synthesis of several leadership and management philosophies and axioms was appealing and novel. James’ presentation style was permissive and approachable–letting the participants steer the discussion and reach consensus agreements that best fit our unique corporate philosophy and business imperatives. Every organization would be well served to invest in this course for their leadership team – you will not regret it!”

Tyla Lyle

Regional Operations Manager, Motion Specialties

Compensation & Variable Pay Review

“The primary objective of the project was to review our current compensation structure to ensure we are competitive and within the ranges we would like to be. Dena and Dick took the time to understand our culture and philosophy while collecting all the relevant information required to complete the review. Throughout the process they challenged our thinking and provided the necessary feedback. In the end, the summary they provided was insightful and provided the necessary information.”

Salvatore Corea

Partner, Sorrell Financial

Voice of the Customer Survey

“Cheryl was a pleasure to meet and work with. The survey was not an individual effort and key team members worked with Cheryl to put the questions together which supported the relevancy of the survey. Cheryl went above an beyond to accommodate our customers and I truly believe this promoted the positive feedback and the engagement we received from our customers. Through both the employee and customer service, the partners believe no price tag can placed on the value we received.”

Susanne Arraial

CEO, Seleeco Power Partnership

Future Directions Plan / Strategic Planning

“Dick was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to get to know our company and our lead team. The authenticity of Omni was apparent through Dick’s words and actions. When you engage Omni, you know they have your companies best interests at heart and truly are there to represent you and your team to move forward in positive direction.”

Susanne Arraial

CEO, Seleeco Power Partnership

Human Resources Review and Human Resources Plan Implementation

“The HR review was very comprehensive. The review provided priorities to focus on in the short, mid and long term. After 4 months of work Dena has supported EmployAbilities to develop a new compensation plan, employment positions, revised a new employee handbook, reviewed and developed new job descriptions and developed new HR policies. Dena is very professional, timely, and is excellent at developing templates, documents, policies and procedures. She is open and direct in her communication and staff enjoy working with her.”

Jason Loewer

Executive Director, EmployAbilities

Interim Management

“We required an interim manager to immediately assume day-to-day management of our radiology clinic, as well as someone who could think strategically to plan for long-term growth. Cheryl quickly brought profitability to the clinic by putting into place marketing and business development practices and operating efficiencies. She was also instrumental in ensuring the proper accreditations, registrations and certifications were achieved in our first year of operations, a human resources management system was developed, financial controls were instituted and policies and procedures were drafted. Her organizational skills allowed for an easy and seamless transition of clinic operations to a full-time manager at the end of the assignment.”

Dr. Preet Rai

Medical Director, Glenwood Radiology

Business Coaching

“Having Cheryl coach us over the past year has really enabled us to see all our of strengths and weaknesses. Not only has the Omni Business Coaching program helped us to outline and clearly define all of our goals, but it has allowed us to create an easy plan to achieve these goals. I would strongly recommend Cheryl and the Omni Business Coaching Program to any Arctic Spas Dealer to help in building your business for the future.”

Gord Coy

Arctic Spas Durham

Human Resources System

“Dena has done a wonderful job for us. She has improved the overall management of our Human Resources function including the quality of our new employees. We are very pleased to have Dena and the level of support provided.”

Jerry Gunn

President and CEO, Precision Scale

Strategic Planning

“Working with Omni to develop our first ever strategic plan was a real treat. Their representative (Mr. Frenz) had an abundance of knowledge and insight and led us through a very challenging exercise in a respectful and efficient manner. We are thrilled with the outcome but actually believe the process itself may have provided greater benefit to our company as it resulted in an aligned and more mature group of leaders. Thanks Omni for the tremendous support, encouragement and guidance over the last few months.”

Brian Salisbury

CEO, Navus Environmental Inc.

Strategic Planning

“Dick Frenz is a great listener! And that matters when you work with a consultant. One of the biggest challenges of bringing a consultant in to work with your small business is feeling like they don’t understand what your business requirements and challenges are. From the very first meeting Dick instilled a level of confidence through his ability to truly “hear” what we needed. He asks lots of questions and he will make you do lots of work but at the end of the day you feel that working with him you are able to achieve significant change for your business. We worked with Dick to improve how we managed the people side of our business, developing position descriptions, clear expectations and aligned reward systems. Dick worked with us to implement structures that are sustainable and help to better manage the organization as a whole. He is able to provide a balanced perspective in all discussions, advocating equally for the employee perspective and the business perspective. He also brings a wealth of experience to the table, with real life examples to draw on and life based advice. Dick was always cognizant of the size of our company and made recommendations that were appropriate for our current size but that would also allow us to grow. He was flexible, veering from the work plan when it made sense and getting us back on track when we needed it. Dick is an absolute professional and a real pleasure to work with.”

Bernie Tomaszewski

President, 1664 BMX Distribution