Hiring a consultant is an important decision for any company and you want to be certain that you are getting the best value for your money. We get that. That’s why we have created this page for our clients, potential clients and outside partners. We want to share a little bit about how we work, what makes us tick and the consulting we are passionate about. We hope to give you some insight into our corner of the consulting world.

Omni MCA is Growing!

At Omni Management Consulting Alliance, we take joy in helping our clients see it through; from discovery, analysis, recommendations to fully implemented solutions; this is crucial to our clients and ourselves. When our clients succeed we succeed too - we do this...

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Government Grants, New and Old

Other than Bombardier and auto makers, governments in Canada haven't shown a lot of love to business in the form of grants, until recently. The (relatively) new federal and provincial governments have been busy making good on select election promises and for the first...

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Leading Through Turbulent Times

Omni MCA often collaborates with other professional service providers when our clients require specialized expertise that we do not possess. In this blog, we would like to introduce you to Claudia Verburgh, CMC, CHRP. Claudia has written an article, "Leading Through...

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4 Not So Insignificant Words

You have likely seen our unique business card with the hole in the middle. When presented to a new acquaintance it is always noticed and almost always commented on, often with a joke. “Hey, can I get another card. There’s a hole in this one.” “Who shot a hole through...

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Omni MCA Announces New Partner, Dena Gillies

This Thanksgiving weekend, Omni Management Consulting Alliance is thankful, and delighted, to announce that Dena Gillies has joined our team. Dena’s 20+ years of experience in human resources is a strong complement to the other services we offer to small- and...

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