Rodger Morrison

P.Eng, BASc EE, CTM, Jonah

Rodger Morrison

C: 780.718.2730
Skype: rmorrison

He engineers better relationships. He designs better businesses. He’ll create solutions to problems you haven’t even thought of yet and construct systems to maximize your team’s output like you’ve never seen before.

Rodger Morrison has an aptitude for business. No matter the industry – medical, chemical, tech, military, construction or manufacturing – he has the tools and the knowledge to lead any business to greater profits and smoother project executions.

Rodger became a partner in the Omni Management Consulting Alliance in his fourteenth year as a business management consultant working in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan. In that time, he has successfully completed many consulting projects with high client satisfaction in a range of industries with local, regional, national and international scope.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree in 1980, Rodger went on to become a Practitioner of the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization, a Certified Statistical Process Control Practitioner of Tennessee and Associates, a Certified Leading Bold Change Instructor and a Cognitive Edge Accredited Practitioner.

If there’s one thing Rodger knows best, it’s systems for success.

With an extensive background in business management, project management, change management, business process engineering, technology commercialization, and the design and analysis of management systems, Rodger has facilitated the successful completion of projects involving stakeholders from around the globe with upwards of thirty thousand employees.

Time and again, his clients walk away happy not only with the outcome of his consulting, but the manner in which the relationship was carried out. Think engineers aren’t personable? Think again.